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About Matcha

Thick tea (left) Thin tea (right)
Thick tea (left) Thin tea (right)

Koicha and Usucha

All Matcha may be enjoyed as "thin tea", usucha. However, only the highest quality teas are suitable for the preparation of "thick tea", koicha, since these are less astringent than the lower grades.
Among the powdered teas of Marukyu-Koyamaen, the koichas from Kinrin and up may be enjoyed either thick or thin, while the teas from Wako and down only should be used for usucha.

Importance of sifting Matcha

Since Matcha is a very fine powder it tends to coalesce over time. It is therefore highly recommended to sift the tea in a fine-meshed strainer before use to avoid lumps in the tea.

Sifting of Matcha
Old Matcha (upper) Fresh Matcha ( lower)
Old Matcha (upper) Fresh Matcha ( lower)

Colour and flavour of Matcha

Fresh high-quality Matcha has a beautiful and attractive vibrant light green colour. However, with age and if exposed to open air, it turns a dull olive. The taste of the tea undergoes a similar change.
It is therefore important to pay attention to the way the tea is stored. Matcha is best kept in a dark, cool and dry place sealed off from air access. Also, once a can or bag has been opened, the tea should be consumed within a short time.

How to store tea.

Green teas are damaged by heat, humidity, light, air and smells from other substances. Be especially careful with the storing of Matcha since it loses its colour and quality so quickly when exposed to those things. Our pull-top canned Matcha is safe in its airtight can before it is opened and completely protected except against heat. It is therefore recommended to keep the canned tea refrigerated. Once the can is opened, it should be consumed within a relatively short period. After opening the can, please close the lid firmly and keep it in a refrigerator.
If Matcha has to be kept for a long time, it may be stored in a freezer. To prevent frozen Matcha from becoming wet when exposed to air it should be thawed up to room temperature before the package is opened.
Even Matcha which is just kept in a refrigerator should be permitted to return to room temperature before being opened.

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