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About water for tea

Next to the quality and freshness of the tea itself the most important factor is the water. Always use fresh and very soft water. Hard water with much calcium is not suitable for tea.

About water for tea

When you use tap water,

Please pour the water into an iron or anodized aluminum kettle, and keep it overnight.
Once the water is boiled, keep it for 5 minutes by low heat in an open kettle. Then the smell of chlorine, mold and trihalomethane is removed.
For Japanese green tea, slightly acidic water is suitable. Tap water has a neutral value of pH7.
It is recommended to use a charcoal water filter.

When you use mineral water,

Most Japanese mineral water is soft and suitable for green tea. One should use only the best pure and soft water for tea, as can easily be ascertained through experiments with tap water and different mineral waters. Each water will give different colours, smells and tastes. It is highly recommended to use soft water of the best quality only.
Mineral water should be boiled for 5 minutes as well.
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