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Preparation of Matcha

Enjoy making a bowl of tea!

With a little bit of training you can make a fine bowl of tea,and you will find it easier than you thought.

What you need to have

What you need to have

Easy way to make a bowl of tea

(1) Sifting of matcha tea powder

If you sift the matcha in advance it will dissolve more easily.
Put the desired amount of matcha for one bowl into the sifter.
Use either a chashaku tea spoon or a measuring spoon to press the tea through the net of the sifter into the prewarmed dry bowl.

Sifting of matcha tea powder
Sifting of matcha tea powder

(2) Preparation of hot water

It is important to use soft water. If such is to be bought, please select the softest natural mineral water.
Almost all water produced in Japan is soft water.
Tap water should be filtered in a water purifier. If you do not have a water purifier you may be able to evaporate eventual chlorine by boiling the water for a while in a pot without lid.
Whatever water used, it should be brought to the boiling point at least once and then cooled to the desired temperature.

Click here concerning suitable water for tea.>

(3) Guideline for making one bowl of tea
(Please adjust the amounts and temperature in accordance with your preferences.)

Amount of matcha ・・・・・ 2 scoops by a chashaku, 1 scoop by an ordinary tea spoon or 1 flat measureby the measuring spoon. Approx. 1.5 grams.
Amount of hot water ・・・・・ 70 ml (about 2.4 ounce) of previously boiled water.
The measuring cup is useful for this.
Temperature of
hot water
・・・・・ In winter, pour boiling water into the measuring cup once for a temperature of 75℃~85℃ (167?~185?).
In summer, pour boiling water into the measuring cup.
To reduce the water temperature pour this water into another vessel and again back into the measuring cup for a temperature of 70℃~80℃

(4) How to whisk the tea

Place tea in the bowl, add hot water and mix with the chasen tea whisk.
Raise then the chasen a little from the bottom and whip vigorously back and forth with the wrist and arm and avoid swivelling the tea around.
When the tea is sufficiently aired and turned into a fine creamy foam, slow down and move the chasen in the surface to remove larger bobbles and to make an even smooth surface.
Finally, turn the chasen slowly around the bowl and lift it carefully from the center to produce a little mound.
How to whisk the tea
By adding some ice cubes, you can turn the warm matcha into
a delicious ice tea.
Alternatively, you may obtain a result like this by not whisking so thoroughly.

Hold the tea whisk at a slight angle and whisk calmly back and forth with the wrist. The tips of the whisk should only touch the bottom of the bowl lightly, but equally. When satisfied, lift the whisk carefully in front of you.
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