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Preparation of Sencha

Preparation of Sencha (3 servings)

1. Put the tea leaves in a pot.
For 3 servings use 2 table spoons of tea (about 7~9 g). For 5 servings use 2 full table
spoons of tea (about 11~13 g). Adjust to taste.
Put the tea leaves in a pot.
2. Pour hot water into 3 small cups for Sencha (about 60ml each) and let it cool down to
a temperature of 70℃~75℃.
A lower temperature will produce a milder and rounder taste, while higher temperatures
will make the tea taste more sharp. If you enjoy sharp tasting teas, a temperature of
85℃~90℃ is suitable.
3. Pour the water back into the pot from the 3 cups and wait for one minute. When
a higher temperature is desired, just wait for 30 seconds.

4. Pour the tea evenly into the 3 cups to obtain the same taste and concentration.
Do not leave any tea in the pot, but pour all out to the last drop.

  For a second infusion, use water of a little higher temperature than for the first and let
the tea draw for only 10 seconds before pouring it into the cups.

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