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Matcha sweets

Matcha YUGEN Cream roll

Rolled wafers with a Matcha cream filling flavored with Marukyu Koyamaen’s Matcha “Yugen.” Incredibly delicious, with an intense Matcha flavor and aroma.

10pcs (individual packing) in box(YR-10)

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EMS: ¥3,600

10pcs (individual packing) in box
W14cm x D15.5cm x H15.5cm
Best before period
4 months
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  • Please note that the matcha cream can be at risk of melting, and also the wafers are fragile which may be damaged during delivery process. If you wish to continue your order for this item, your full understanding about this matter in advance would be highly appreciated.
  • We do not accept return or refund request on confectioneries due to damages caused during transport.