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300 Years of History at Ogura - the heart of Uji, Kyoto.

“Making Teas with Quality as the Highest Priority”

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The freshly picked tea leaves are steamed and dried without rolling. Later, stalks and veins are removed and the remaining soft leaf tissue is ground into a fine powder, Matcha, by a stone mill.

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Green tea

From premium Gyokuro and Kabusecha to Sencha for every occasion and tea for everyday drinking: A variety of Japanese green tea

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Teabags & Potbags

Full-flavored tea at fingertips: Teabags for single serving and multiple servings of popular tea products

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Matcha sweets

    Bursting with savory Uji Matcha aroma and flavor: Premium Matcha-flavored confectioneries made from Marukyu Koyamaen's Matcha

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    All you need for making a bowl of Matcha: A variety of tea utensils

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